Mental motivation plays a big part in your physical fitness level. When was the last time you felt like giving up when working out? It happens all the time. Workout motivation starts with trusting the process.

How to motivate yourself to workout

The truth is we are human. We don’t like to be uncomfortable. We are impatient, and we like the feeling of getting A LOT of things done quickly. So, it may have to motivate yourself to workout especially if you’re not seeing quick results in the gym.

That feeling of getting things done quickly is made worse by the instant gratification world we live in. With technology at our fingertips, we expect an immediate response on social media.

However, that same instant response doesn’t happen in all parts of our life. Food doesn’t make itself. You have to meal prep or spend time in the kitchen. The weight doesn’t just drop off your waistline. You have to put in the effort to see results.

Hence this brings me to my point, if you are willing to put in an effort to reach a goal then it’s worth being patient and appreciating the process it takes to get there. That’s the motivation you need when you want to give up, but know deep down you should keep going!

Let’s take weight loss as an example, something most of us are familiar with. You are probably looking to get the weight off quicker than you put it on. Social media will make you think it’s possible to lose 10-15 pounds a week and so will those “reality” TV shows that show contestants doing just that.

Well, hate to break the bad news to you, but nearly ALL the contestants gain their weight back if not MORE!! It’s not realistic to go from a lifestyle of sedentary or near sedentary to Social Media Fitness expert overnight!

When you don’t set a realistic goal from the beginning, you set yourself up for failure. Realistic goals are one way to crush your fitness so you feel good and have the motivation you need to workout.

Plus, there’s a very high burn out rate when you feel like you are putting all this time into working out, eating right AND….you only lose a pound a week.

Workout motivation tips

Real sustainable weight loss takes time! Consistency over time is one of the keys to hitting your ideal weight and feeling stronger. It’s also a great workout motivation tip. [ttbase_spacer height=”30″]

“Anything worth working for is worth waiting for”.


It’s not just weight loss either. Getting stronger at push-ups, running farther or faster, doing pull-ups, and squatting correctly all take time to achieve.

Consider TRX suspension training if you’re looking for a workout that works your entire body and offers results if you put in the time and effort. With the TRX, you work multiple muscle groups at once because the TRX straps use your body for resistance. For example, with the Duo Squat Pull, you can work on your squat and your pull-up at the same time.[ttbase_spacer height=”30″]


We know people want results fast, and that’s what the CORE90 program offers. With consistent workouts, an accountability group to keep nutrition on track, and a 90-day commitment you can lose the weight you’ve wanted and feel stronger and more confident in your fitness level and body.

When you put in the time, as you do with this 90-day program, you appreciate the hard work that it took to get there as well!

If you were just to take a magic pill and be able to drop 20 pounds overnight or run a marathon without ever training you wouldn’t have the appreciation of the hard work it took to get there.

Find your one thing and focus on it

Like everything else in life, it’s mind over matter in the gym. That’s your next workout motivation tip, so you can push through the pain when working out so you don’t give up.

One thing to do to help you stay mentally motivated when you want to give up is to think of how you are going to feel once you reach your goal. How does it feel to be able to do that perfect push-up? What about the feeling when you cross the finish line at the marathon? How does it feel to do 5 or 10 pull-ups?!


It feels amazing, right?! Take a look at these before and after pictures from our CORE90 program, for a little inspiration. She looks fantastic, and that feeling inside is even better. A picture doesn’t do that feeling of being physically fit any justice.

She didn’t achieve these amazing transformations overnight. It took time, dedication, and mental toughness.

Don’t focus on the pain or discomfort of the process. Imagine what it’s going to feel like when your there, and you’ll stay focused on the goal.

ALSO trusting the process means KEEPING THE GOAL THE GOAL! You have to stick to ONE thing and work HARD at that one thing for quite a bit of time before you notice a real difference sometimes.

Don’t try complicating the process by adding 5 different workout routines or 10 different types of diets. Just KEEP THE GOAL THE GOAL and trust the process and you’ll reach your goal before you know it![ttbase_spacer height=”30″]

The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes