There are so many TRX Suspension Training benefits because it’s resistance training with your bodyweight. You’ll feel stronger with the TRX and get results in less time compared with conventional fitness training. There are 10 reasons I absolutely love TRX workouts and why it’s the best fitness equipment.

TRX Benefits

Perhaps you’ve seen TRX straps at your gym. Often, they’re lying in a corner or tucked away in the back of the gym. At CORE Strong Fitness, the TRX is the star of the show, with multiple TRX trainers hanging from the ceiling for our TRX classes. We offer group TRX training and are the only Kansas City TRX fitness facility.

A Navy Seal created the TRX in 1997 by Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick. The first suspension trainer was just a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing. He later brought it to market in 2001.

Now, it’s used by premier athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts all over, including Kansas City. Suspension training is scientifically proven to improve total-body strength, stability, and heart health.

These are the top 10 reasons, CORE Strong Fitness uses the TRX to get our customers optimal results.

      1. TRX is for everyone, no matter your fitness level.

      2. Exercise never gets boring.

      3. New twists on old exercises.

      4. Burn more calories.

      5. Get a stronger core.

      6. Lower risk of injury compared with free weight training.

      7. Gain more muscle.

      8. Workout anywhere.

      9. Do more in less time.

      10. Plank like never before.

TRX workouts are for everyone

TRX workouts are for everyone, no matter your fitness level. The great thing about suspension training is that there are lots of modifications for every exercise for beginners to advanced TRX users.

Don’t be intimidated by the hanging straps or the thought of suspending your body. There are many levels to the TRX trainer, allowing you to suspend your body or work from a standing position.

For example, this is the exercise progression for the TRX Sprinter Start. You have three options, depending on your TRX fitness level from beginner to advanced.

Unlike other workouts, where you’re continually increasing the weight or the reps, with the TRX slight changes to your body position dramatically increase your workout intensity.

TRX straps help you modify and progress workouts

There are so many TRX exercises, and with so many progression levels, you’ll always have a fresh workout. Exercising never gets boring with the TRX. There’s always a new way to challenge yourself.

Throughout your TRX workout, you’ll adjust your TRX straps to various lengths. You’ll also change your body positioning. That allows you to create different angles with your body, and make the exercises more or less challenging.

When you work with CORE Strong Fitness trainers, we’ll show you how to adjust the TRX straps and how to progress and modify the exercise based on your fitness level.

You can also use the cradles in different ways. In the Sprinter Start exercise above, you put your hands in the cradles. With other exercises, you put your feet or heels in the cradles. For the TRX hip press, your heels go into the straps.

The options are endless with the TRX.

Build your core with TRX exercises

With the TRX, you’re always working your core. Research shows GREATER abdominal muscle activation in every exercise with the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Who doesn’t want ripped abs? You’ll get that six-pack with the TRX.

The TRX offers one of the best core workout routines because you’re always working your mid-section with every TRX exercise.

Try this simple but effective ab and core TRX workout.

If you’re having core problems, your foot strength may be an issue. Yes, your feet may be to blame for your lower back pain. Try these short foot exercises to connect the ground to your core so you’re more stable and you can finally get back pain relief.

Lower risk exercises

Also, the TRX offers all the benefits of traditional training and more, yet there’s lower risk. TRX training research shows there is less potential for injury compared to free weight training. Due to the fact that it’s easy on the joints. You work on mobility and flexibility with many of the exercises, while building strength.

So, if you’re thinking about a new workout routine, try the TRX. If you’re in Kansas City, we’re the only place you’ll find only suspension trainers. Come try us for FREE!


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This TRX video playlist shows you how to perform nearly a dozen TRX moves, including the following exercises:

  • TRX Low Row
  • TRX Chest Press
  • Rock Bottom Chest
  • TRX DUO Dip
  • TRX Body Saw
  • TRX Swimmers Start
  • TRX Sprinter Start
  • TRX Wall Slides
  • TRX Lunge
  • TRX RIP 90 Jump Press
  • TRX RIP Samurai Strike

TRX muscle building

Also, you’ll GAIN MUSCLE with the TRX from your core to your glutes.

Research shows a similar growth hormone response during and after workout compared to traditional resistance training, so you’ll get the same muscles you’ve come to expect from other workouts.

You’ll do all your favorite or not-so-favorite exercises you’ve always done; only you’ll use the suspension trainer to give you a better workout.

The TRX builds your muscles in ways you’ve never worked them before, while still being easy on the joints and less risky in terms of injury.

This 30-minute TRX upper body workout shows you all the ways you can work your arm muscles in new ways.

Exercise that burns more calories

Who doesn’t want an exercise to burn more calories? It’s a great benefit of TRX training, and you don’t have to spend more time at the gym to burn those extra calories.

Research proves greater testosterone to cortisol ratio. As a result, you’ll see enhanced muscle growth and caloric burn just after one TRX Training Session.

Here’s a TRX workout that will surely get your sweat on. It includes TRX mobility exercises for a 5-minute warmup, a 30-minute full body TRX workout, and a TRX cooldown.

Take the TRX anywhere

Plus, the suspension training is mobile. You can hang your TRX over your door at home or at a hotel if you’re on business or vacation. You can even take it to a park. TRX training happens inside, outside, or anywhere you go.

For instance, here I am working out at a Kansas City park. Take your gym anywhere!

This is one of our TRX gym members in Kansas City working on his TRX exercises poolside while on vacation. You don’t need to carry around a bunch of weights, just a lightweight strap, and you can mix up your workout routine and intensity by just adjusting your positioning.

Get more results in less time

If you’re strapped for time, the TRX is a perfect choice for you. You can workout in less time.

When you don’t have a lot of time Suspension Training can give you a GREAT total body workout in a fraction of the time that a regular weightlifting session would take AND you get the exact same benefits! The TRX works on strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability all at once. We are all pressed for time, so why would you choose to do something that could take you twice a long?

In a study published in the Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness, researchers evaluated the effectiveness of four unstable devices, including the wobble board, stability disc, fitness dome, and TRX Suspension Trainer. Physically fit men did push-ups on all the fitness tools, and the study examined their muscle activation.

Muscle activation was highest when using the TRX to do a push-up, compared to results seen use other unstable equipment and doing a regular push-up.

Even if you only have 5 minutes one day to get a workout in, it’s possible. Of course, you want to exercise for longer periods on other days of the week, but this 5 x 5 TRX workout shows what’s possible in just five minutes.

It’s meant to be short while still challenging you. It’s five exercises long and takes five minutes.

It includes the TRX low row, the TRX atomic push-up, the TRX hip press, the TRX hamstring curl, and the TRX squat hops. You perform each exercise for 10 reps and repeat the workout five times without stopping!

If you’re ready to get stronger, the TRX will put you on the right path, but that’s just one of the keys to raising your fitness level to the next level.

How to perform the perfect plank

Finally, the best benefit of TRX suspension training is that it helps you do a plank the right way. When you start TRX training, you’ll hear “find your plank” a lot from your Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Qualified Trainers.

The plank is the one move you’ll master quickly with the TRX. When you’re working your arms with the suspension trainer, you’re also working your core. Remember, it’s a total body workout. Many of the moves start or end in the plank position.

For example, this TRX chest press video shows that while you’re working your arms, the plank is the foundation of this exercise.

So often in the gym, the question is how long you can hold a strong plank? When you’re planking, how often do you hang out on the floor? With the TRX, you’re forced to work your entire body so you’ll get more out of the exercise. With the TRX, the focus is on the technique.

Instead of doing the same old boring plank you’ve always done, the suspension trainer allows you to practice your plank in new ways and in combination with other moves. That way, you get the best total body workout.

The plank is my favorite TRX exercise because it’s fundamental to almost every TRX move. This video shows you how to perform the perfect plank.

How to do a plank the right way:

    • Hide your ribs
    • Level belt line
    • Tight glutes
    • Lats packed
    • Toes to the nose
    • Head in line with the spine

You want to keep your entire body tight and rigid. Start on your elbows, and then move up to your hands.

As an official TRX Host Facility, CORE Strong Fitness in Kansas City has the expertise to make sure you’re getting the most out of the TRX. And, we’ll help you plank like never before!

Kansas City TRX Training

Of course, it takes commitment and consistency to get results. If you’re not getting stronger, here are the reasons why.

There are many more benefits of Suspension training from a research point of view. What TRX Suspension Training and CORE Strong Fitness can provide is an environment that gets results, encourages, motivates, challenges, and unites each individual to work to their fullest potential EARNING Their BETTER every time!

Located in downtown Kansas City, we’re a gym like you’ve never seen before. We want you to feel welcome whether you’re a TRX beginner or advanced.

Using suspension training as a group is a great way to challenge each other and push your own limits at the same time. All while having a supportive community of like-minded individuals!

“The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes”


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