The CORE Strong Fitness Thanksgiving Cookbook

This Holiday, enjoy all of your favorite holiday foods, but do it BETTER!

At CORE Strong Fitness we are passionate about helping others live a #CORESTRONG life. That means trying to live each day with mindful attention to food, and activity even during the Holidays. Thanksgiving is one of those times that we should stop and be Thankful for all we have and those that we get to spend time with. Sadly, food has become more of the focus and what we are thankful for on this and many other holidays. As you probably know, you usually over eat or feel bad the next day! So, we have developed a cookbook that will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite foods, but done BETTER! The cookbook is filled with recipes, directions and even shopping list! Download, shop and enjoy!

So enjoy your Holiday but be mindful and try to do it BETTER!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Download Now – Thanksgiving cookbook 2017