Are you crushing your fitness goals? They’re easy to set, but it’s the follow-through and consistency that are hard to maintain. If you’re not happy with your fitness level, try these tips so you can crush your fitness goals.

S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals

There are two things to consider when you’re thinking about your fitness level. First, are you satisfied? Second, how fit are you?

Reaching fitness goals is as much a mental state as a physical one. It’s all about your mindset rather than what you can physically accomplish like the number of pushups you can perform. Before you can focus on your physical fitness, you have to focus on your goals.

Be realistic about your goals, especially when it comes to weight loss. It takes hard work in the gym and in the kitchen, and time to achieve results that last. You’ll always feel like you’re failing if you set goals that are out of reach.

Perhaps you’ve heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals in the workplace, but they apply in the gym too. They stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant (Realistic too), and Timely.  Set smart goals so you achieve what you set out to in the gym and feel satisfied with your fitness level.

Be specific about the goals you want to reach, and making those specific goals that you’re going to crush probably starts with asking yourself about your current satisfaction with your fitness level.

  1. Specific: What types of goals do you have?
  2. Measurable: How close are you to reaching your goals?
  3. Attainable: How are you training to meet those goals?
  4. Relevant: What things are going right to meet those goals?
  5. Timely: What type of things could you change in order to help reach those goals on time or faster?

how to crush your fitness goalsHow fit are you?

When you decide to be more consistent so you can reach your fitness goals, do a baseline evaluation of your fitness level.

This will help you measure your goals with more than just your weight.

You can work with a Certified Personal Trainer to test your fitness level or use this simple fitness assessment from the Mayo Clinic.

First, you take your heart beat at rest and then when you’re in the zone while working out. Then, run a 1.5 and see how long it takes you. Third, how many pushups can you do? A woman in her 20’s should be able to do 20 pushups and it decreases with age. Fourth, see how many situps you can do. Test your flexibility and finally calculate your BMI.

This BMI calculator gives you a starting point for setting your goals because it tells you if you’re weight is healthy and an attainable and measurable weight you can achieve with your S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals.

If you want a fitness test that’s specific to your workout routine, take some measurements of your own body and test yourself in the exercises you’ll be doing to reach your fitness goals. For example, if you’re using the elliptical see how long you can exercise at maximum capacity. If you’re doing strength training, test your reps.

If you’re using a fitness tool like TRX suspension training, measure your reps and how long you can hold a plank — the right way! You can try one of our CORE STRONG challenges to give yourself a good test. Take the challenge now and after you’ve crushed your fitness goals.

Here’s a look at just one – the pushup challenge.

Record your reps with these fitness challenges when you create your specific fitness goals and then throughout the process to measure your results.

How to crush your fitness goals

If you’re slightly disappointed or not enthusiastic about your fitness level, like most people, ask yourself why aren’t you 100% satisfied with your fitness level? Well of all the possible answers, there’s only ONE that will ring true in most people’s ears, CONSISTENCY!

Your goals are only attainable if you’re consistent with your workout routine.

Are you consistently working toward your goal? For example, if you want to lose weight then you have to focus on this goal EVERYDAY. If your goal is to run a race faster than before, then consistent running and cross-training will help you get there. If your goal is to do ONE more pushup then you have to consistently work at doing them correctly. That may mean you do fewer pushups to gain the necessary strength to do more.

There are some things in your life that probably come more naturally than others so you don’t have to work too terribly hard to improve or maintain those talents or gifts.

You have to constantly work on things you want to improve. Whether it’s a mental or physical activity, it takes focus almost EVERYDAY until you reach that goal.

Now I’m not telling you that if you run 20 miles every day that you’ll run your fastest race ever. Or maxing out your back squat or bench every day to improve your overall strength.

What I am saying is that when your coach or certified personal trainer tells you that you’ll need to show up 4 days a week in order to reach your goal in 6 months, THEN you show up 4 days a week. Celebrate the hell out of that goal because you gave 110% effort to reach it!

Showing up to the gym more is a great way to feel stronger faster! YOU HAVE CONTROL of your life and making excuses that you don’t have time is just plain nonsense.

You don’t have to commit 1-2 hours a day to reach your fitness goals. Little choices every day add up!

Focus on your one thing to get in shape

If your goal is to lose weight, think about the amount of food you’re eating in one sitting. If you eat 1/8th less at each meal, you could lose the extra weight in just 6 months, WITHOUT working out! Of course, you should exercise but you get the point. That’s an amazing transformation by making one small change.

Also, evaluate your diet, when you’re not reaching your fitness goals or seeing the results you want. Focus on the protein, carbs, and fats you’re eating so you can feel stronger faster. Be consistent with your diet.

If you are not getting in shape despite working out consistently, maybe it’s time to focus only on your diet. Make that your one thing and stop working out for a bit. It sounds extreme, but you’ll be surprised by the results when you focus on your one thing. When you stop working out, you’ll probably find you can stay consistent with your diet. Eventually, you can build on that strong foundation and add exercise to your routine.

Set timely exercise goals

CONSISTENCY is one of the three keys you’ll need to reach your S.M.A.R.T. goals and take your fitness to the next level. Learn about the other keys to take your fitness to the next level.

Set goals that are timely so that you’re consistent and accountable in your routine. Just make sure that time component is realistic. For example, you can’t lose 50 pounds in a week.

You have to put in the time to reach that goal. So, set a timely goal to reach that weight loss. You’ll do it with consistency.

If you’re trying to do that ONE perfect push-up, set a goal of three months. Then, consistently work toward it the right way. Don’t do 100 pushups from the knees every day. That won’t help you reach your pushup goal. Instead, you’re going to do 10-15 pushups from the counter EVERY DAY. Then, in 3 months you’ll be on your way to that perfect pushup!

So where can you start being more consistent in your fitness journey so you can actually attain or reach your goals?

Your workout motivation tip is simple. All it takes is a little bit of input EVERY DAY and you’ll be there in no time! So, how do you find the inspiration to get to the gym?

How to be more consistent with your fitness

It takes mental focus and accountability to crush your fitness goals. Grab an accountability partner, whether it’s a family member or friend, and show up every day. So, when you feel like giving up, you’ll have the mental stamina to keep going.

Consider a trained professional like a Certified Personal Trainer, to boost your confidence and help you take your fitness goals to the next level.  You’ll get a new perspective on how you workout and likely nutrition tips too.

Finally, consider a new workout routine. Getting out of your comfort zone, and trying something new, will work your body in a new way and help you reach your goals. Plus, it’ll keep you motivated because it’s fresh!

You also need a workout routine that’s relevant to your life so you’re consistently motivated. Ask yourself why these fitness goals are important to you and find a routine that’s relevant to the lifestyle you enjoy and want to experience.

The TRX is a perfect option for someone looking for a new routine that’s relevant. It’s perfect for all fitness levels because it’s easy on the joints and there are modifications for every exercise, from beginner TRX moves to advanced. Plus, it’s progressive. So, as you get stronger there are plenty of opportunities to crank up the challenge without picking up any extra weight or doing more reps. The TRX uses your body as resistance to build strength, so you just adjust your positioning to make the exercise harder.

If you’re in search of a results-driven program that will keep you and track, then check out our CORE90 program! It combines TRX training, accountability, and nutrition in a 90-day program. It’ll help you lose weight, get stronger, and feel more confident. Just take a look at those before and after photos!


What are your fitness goals?