Core Strong Gym proudly introduces our new recovery room, featuring cutting-edge recovery boots, a soothing sauna, and an invigorating cold plunge pool. Designed to enhance your fitness regime, this space offers the perfect blend of therapies to reduce soreness, boost recovery, and elevate your overall wellness.

  • Single Recovery Session $18 (15min block)
  • CORE Rest 5 pack $75 ($15 per session)
  • CORE Rest 10 pack $145 ($14.50 per session)


Recovery boots offer a cutting-edge way to enhance post-workout recovery, using dynamic compression to boost blood flow and reduce muscle soreness. These boots help accelerate recovery, decrease swelling, and eliminate metabolic waste, making your training more effective. Those looking to improve their fitness regimen or prevent injuries, recovery boots provide a quick, non-invasive recovery solution.


The cold plunge aids in quick post-exercise recovery, reducing inflammation and muscle soreness through cold water immersion. It boosts circulation, speeds up recovery, and can enhance immune response, making it ideal for athletes looking to optimize performance and decrease recovery time. This natural, efficient recovery method is a key part of a holistic fitness approach.


The sauna is a valuable tool for relaxation and recovery, using heat to soothe muscles, improve circulation, and aid in the body’s natural repair processes. It’s beneficial for reducing stress, detoxifying the body, and can even enhance cardiovascular health. Regular sauna use is a great way to complement your workout routine, promoting faster recovery and overall well-being.